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Legends about the castle

Legends of the Mantelburg

The legend of the Mantelburg – this is how the castle 963-laue in the Franconia Forest in upper Franconia was called – says, that it was already built by the Franconian King Konrad I. As Konrad conquered the enemy volk Slavonian Sorbs in the year 915, he wanted to secure the north border of his territory through the building of a castle.

He chose the Schwarzberg as location near the right shore of the Loquitz river, a left tributary stream of the Saale river. But everything, which the conquered Sorbs built on that day, caved in on the same night. Pretty soon, almost everybody believed that this was the doing of the devil.

In his desperation, the king searched for a anchorite which lived in a cave not far away, who was said to be able to see into the future. He gave him the suggestion, he should tear up his king's robe on the same place, where the devil was supposed to have done his destruction work, and coil a rope from the shredded pieces, with which he was to turn to the west and wrap it around the top of a lonesome hill on the other shore side of the Loquitz river and to build his castle there.

Like predicted, the castle grew fast and ascended mightfully. But far and wide, the castle in the Franconia Forest in upper Franconia was called Mantelburg (robe castle) from now on.

Legend of the Weisse Frau (white woman)

Another legend, the one from the white woman, says that once, a girl named Katharina von Orlamunde lived its youth in the loneliness of the Mantelburg.

Her cousin made her to his wife at the age of eighteen and took her home to the Plassenburg near Kulmbach. There, she gave him two children, a boy and a girl.

After the early death of her husband, she very soon fell in love with the castle count of Nurnberg / Nuremberg, Albrecht from Hohenzollern, and took him as husband. He told her, that there were four eyes which stood in the path of their luck. The eyes of his parents were meant by this, who were against the marriage.

But Katharina referred the comment to the children. In her ecstasy of love, she killed the little ones and buried them secretly. Hereupon, she was threatened with the death penalty, but became the absolution during a pilgrimage to Rome on condition, that she was to establish a monastery and to spend the rest of her life behind these monastery walls.

But she cursed the house Hohenzollern and announced, that she would bring bad luck after her death by her appearance. In 1486, she was supposed to be seen in a white robe on the Plassenburg and also in 1806 by the prince Louis Ferdinand before the battle near Saalfeld, where he had to leave his life.

It's to be said that the Mantelburg is the preferred stay of the white woman. Even today, she's supposed to be seen there on specific occasions.





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