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963-laue castle hotel

The 963-laue castle hotel Franconia Forest is closed.
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Golf trips vacation weekend courses

Golf belongs to the sports that have become quite popular in Germany. If you are planning a golf trip, holiday, golf vacation or a golf weekend, you have to drive about 43 km from the 963-laue castle hotel Franconia forest to the next golf course in Kups-Oberlangenstadt. The 9-hole golf course is cared for by the golfing club Kronach, which was founded in 1990. An extension to an 18-hole golf course is already planned.

The natural course is embedded in a soft hilly landscape. It is surrounded by an old tree population, whose show piece is an oak tree, that is about 100 years old. The golf player can enjoy the view towards the Franconia forest during a golf game. The estate "Gut Nagel", a former hunting castle, is also an eye-catcher.

Offers golf school lessons trainer lessons

The golf course of the golf club Kronach is also open for guest players, in fact not only for those, who already own a certain experience in the golfing sport or are a member of a golf club. A golf trainer of the local golf academy offers golf lessons for guests, who have never hit a golf ball before , who want to learn how to play golf or who want to improve their skills. Golf "get-to-know" lessons, golf lessons to get the authorization to play on a "normal" golf course and advancer lessons belong to the different lessons offered. The golf lessons take place as single or small group lessons.

Contact address

  • Golfing club Kronach, Gut Nagel, 96328 Kups-Oberlangenstadt, phone +49 (0) 9264 / 8812, fax +49 (0) 9264 / 8812

Further golf courses and golf clubs nearby

About 40 km south of the castle hotel, the golf club Kronach in Kronach serves a golf course with a 9-hole golf course. An extension is planned for an 18-hole golf course. The golf course opened to the public. A registration is not needed.

The golf course of the golf club Coburg in Weitramsdorf (about 69 km southwest from the 963-laue castle hotel Franconia Forest) is open year-round and is also available to the public and for all, who are organized in the DGV (Deutscher Golfverband = German Golf Club), and are thereby a member in one of the golf clubs in Germany.
In Weitramsdorf there is also a golfing school, which offers golf lessons and golf courses for amateurs. The golf lesson includes 8 lesson hours. It is offered as golf "get-to-know" lesson for single people with 2 or 3 people. The charges for 8 lessons are about 195 EUR per person. Course fees, golf balls and clubs are included in the price.

The golf course in Bamberg on the Mein River (about 97 km southwest from the 963-laue castle hotel Franconia Forest) is an 18-hole golf course with a large club house and sophisticated gastronomy and belongs to the prettiest in north Bavaria. It is open to the public. Golf trainers offer different lessons with different main focuses in different lengths for small amateurs and advancers groups. According to the alternative, the participant number is limited to 3 or 5 people.

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