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Hiking path route trail map

For those, who plan a hiking vacation or holidays, a stay in the 963-laue castle hotel Franconia Forest in the administrative district upper Franconia is recommendable. Ludwigsstadt and its town parts are surrounded by a net of good signposted hiking paths. The hiking trails also have connection to the well-known race track, which passes about 7 km from the 963-laue castle hotel Franconia Forest over the Loquitz river, a left tributary stream of the Saale river. If you betake yourself to a round hiking path or the slate learning path, has also found a good choice. It's recommendable to get a hiking map of the region or a hiking guide for the choice of the ideal hiking route.

Bicycling bike bicycle path mountain biking

The hilly middle mountain landscape in the Franconia Forest offers phantasmagoric possibilities on its forest paths for short bike trips, but also longer bicycle tours and bicycling. But in general, most of the bike trails are somewhat more challenging. In the Ludwigsstadt area there are two bike round paths marked. There's a bike rental at the guest inn Goldener Lowe (golden lion) and at the company Rossmehl in Ludwigsstadt.

Horse wagon trip trips

In the guest house "Am Trogenbach" in Ludwigsstadt, you can book wagon trips for small groups. On the horse wagon of the innkeeper, which is pulled by two Haflinger (a breed of horses), up to 4 people find a place to sit. The trip route leads through the Franconia Forest. The horse wagon trip takes about 1 hour. A longer wagon trip or a several days tour is not offered.

Paraglider paragliders flying gliding school tandem

The 963-laue castle hotel Franconia Forest is an ideal stay for paragliders and all who want to learn how to fly with paragliders. In the near surrounding in upper Franconia in Bavaria and in Thuringia, among others also in Luddwigsstadt-Lauenstein and Ludwigsstadt-Lauenhain, the paraglider club race track with seat in Ludwigsstadt, serves several airports. Even though there's no paraglider school by means in Ludwigsstadt, a flying teacher of the paraglider club race track offers get-to-know lessons and lessons for amateurs and advancers. Tandem flying with a paraglider also belongs to the offer. Paragliders and accessories are available for lesson participants. But there's no rental for paragliders and accessories.

Contact address paragliding:
Gleitschirmverein Rennsteig (Paraglidering club race track)
96337 Ludwigsstadt
Phone from Germany: 09263 / 1237
Phone from outside Germany: +49 9263 / 1237

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