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Castle history

The beginnings of the castle 963-laue in the Franconia Forest in the administrative district upper Franconia over Loquitz river valley, a left tributary stream of the Saale river, go back all the way to the 12th century. The gentlemen of Konitz can be seen as founder. Heinrich from Konitz was probably the first one who appointed himself after the estate. He was characterized as "Henricus de Lewinstein" by the first urkundlich mentioning of the castle in the year 1222. Around 1250, the counts of Orlamunde violently acquired the site. This was first mentioned in 1337 as seat of an independent Orlamund estate. Until 1430 the counts of the Orlamund stayed owners of the castle.

In the following time, the castle 963-laue over the Loquitz valley experienced several owner changes. Before it became under feud from the knights of Thuna in 1506 for a longer time period, it belonged among others to the counts of Gleichen, the counts of Schwarzburg, the margrave of Kulmbach-Bayreuth and the counts of Mansfeld. Between 1551 and 1554, Christoph von Thuna let the main part of the castle site, today known as Thuna construction, be built.

In 1622, the castle 963-laue over the Loquitz river again became the ownership of the margrave Kulmbach-Bayreuth and became administrative center of the office of Lauenstein. From 1792 it stood under koniglich-preussisch (kingly Prussian) and from 1803 unter Bavarian estate. In 1806, the kingdom Bavaria chose the castle as seat of a District Court and accounts office. But already nine years later, it was sold by auction to a private man. Gradually a process of the case was appointed, and the site finally had the function of a poor house.

The downfall of the castle could be stopped, as the architect Dr. Erhard Messmer from Halle, bought it in 1896 and let it be restored. He gathered a lot of exhibitions for the interior design, which still builds the cadre of the castle museum today. He created the finanzial requirements for these measures by arranging a company for pension guests and day guests in the castle. His most famous guest was presumably the poet Joachim Ringelnatz.

In 1962 the state Bavaria bought the castle and let it be restored in the following years with high finanzial expenses. Today, the main castle is outfitted as a castle museum. The fore-castle harbors the 963-laue castle hotel Franconia Forest.




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