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963-laue castle hotel

The 963-laue castle hotel Franconia Forest is closed.
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Road map no. 3 North Bavaria Franconia Nuremberg Wurzburg Bayreuth Rothenburg ob der Tauber arrival

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Distances from the 963-laue castle hotel Franconia Forest
Rodental, about 51 km
Lichtenfels, about 59 km

Coburg, about 61 km
Jena, about 74 km
Suhl, about 81 km
Bayreuth, about 81 km
Bamberg, about 96 km
Gera, about 97 km
Meiningen, about 99 km
Erfurt, about 102 km
Gotha, about 110 km
Zwickau, about 120 km
Schweinfurt, about 123 km
Erlangen, about 133 km
Eisenach, about 136 km
Leipzig, about 151 km
Nurnberg / Nuremberg, about 153 km
Weiden, about 158 km
Amberg, about 163 km
Wurzburg, about 165 km
Halle, about 167 km
Eisleben, about 171 km
Eschwege, about 182 km
915-colm castle hotel Mid Franconia, about 187 km
Ansbach, about 190 km
Dessau, about 191 km
Bad Hersfeld, about 191 km
Fulda, about 214 km
Rothenburg ob der Tauber, about 218 km
Gottingen, about 231 km
933-egge castle hotel Altmuhl River Valley, about 245 km
Regensburg, about 246 km
Kassel, about 264 km
345-wald castle hotel Lake Edersee, about 271 km
Hoxter, about 342 km

Arrival by car

From southern direction:
From the freeway A 70 (Schweinfurt-Bayreuth), exit Kulmbach / Neudrossenfeld, over the highway B 85  (Bayreuth-Weimar) in northern direction over  Kulmbach, Kronach and Ludwigsstadt.

From northern direction:
From the freeway A 4 (Bad Hersfeld-Erfurt), exit Weimar, over the highway B 85 (Weimar-Bayreuth) in southern direction over Rudolstadt and Saalfeld.




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